Vibratec Management Inc & Precision Balancing

Performing Vibration Analysis and Other Predictive Maintenance Techniques in British Columbia Since 1984

Vibratec Management Inc & Precision Balancing is a Predictive Maintenance Engineering firm concentrating primarily on the Vibration Analysis of rotary machinery.

We have conducted vibration analysis and predictive maintenance business since 1986. The company name Vibratec Management Inc. was adopted in 1998. In December 2002, Vibratec Management Inc. acquired Precision Balancing. Since then, our scope of work has broadened to include on-site dynamic balancing.

Our Experience

We have vast experience with problem equipment in the following industries:

Mining and Cement,

Marine and Dockside,

Pulp & Paper and Sawmills,

Manufacturing and Food Processing,

Refineries and Production Plants.



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Sept. 2009
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Feb. 2005
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